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Installing HVAC systems is a long-term investment that guarantees you and your loved ones comfort throughout all seasons. Quality HVAC systems should not only be efficient but should be reliable as well. We at Pure Eco Inc. ensure that our clients get access to quality American Standard HVAC systems that are reliable, efficient, and do not require intense maintenance. We specialize in the provision of insulation and other home services, such as the American Standard HVAC systems, to people living in Los Angeles County.

Overview of American Standard HVAC Systems

HVAC means Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning. An HVAC system comes as a whole package equipped with the necessary components to ensure the provision of thermal comfort, sound quality, and air quality. These systems are ideal for homes and workplaces.

The systems manufactured by American Standard regulate the air coming into your home or office by filtering the air of dust particles and allergens. The filtering of impurities found in the air lowers your chances of contracting airborne diseases and improves your health.

Additionally, HVAC systems regulate the inflow and outflow of air in buildings, cool the premises when it is hot, and provide heat during cold seasons. They also strive to ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort while using these systems by insulating them. Insulation will reduce heat loss and lower noise.

The insulated systems cut down on operational costs and reduce the probability of fire spreading. American Standard manufactures air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, and any other HVAC system that you may need. They are among the top-ranked companies in Los Angeles, and their excellent track record speaks for itself. At Pure Eco Inc., we provide these American Standard systems at reasonable prices.

American Standard Air Handlers

This HVAC system provides owners of homes and buildings with the ability to cool and heat every corner of the house to provide comfort. American Standard manufactures their air handlers in a manner that ensures the provision of cleaner and better air to our clients. Though they have different types of air handlers, all of them are manufactured in a way that allows pairing with heat pumps or air conditioners to ensure that warm and fresh air circulates through the house efficiently.

Regardless of the category of handlers you choose, you are always assured of durability and comfort in your home. American Standard air handlers provide comfort, are reliable and efficient and come with a compact design tailored to suit all your home needs. Generally, the American Standard handlers at Pure Eco Inc. supply fresh and cold air to your home, thus providing more comfort.

American Standard Coils

American Standard HVAC coils are designed to transfer heat throughout the house and to give you warmth during cold seasons. When combined with heat pumps and air conditioners, HVAC coils manage the transfer of heat in your home. The coils are strong and durable and are manufactured in a way that they can stand the test of time.

The use of aluminum during the manufacture of American Standard coils increases their durability and makes them resistant to corrosion and rust. Having this system will give you and your family peace of mind and comfort. Unlike copper tubes, the aluminum in this coil makes it resistant to corrosion, hence promoting the durability of the product. An excellent example of the American Standard coil is the indoor platinum coil that is durable and does not make noise.

American Standard Air Conditioners

Investing in air conditioners is an upgrade to your standard of living and a lifetime investment that will give you comfort and peace of mind. The American Standard air conditioners are well accepted in the market as they guarantee efficiency and excellence. These conditioners have reasonable warranty offers and are easy to maintain and repair. In addition, the conditioners are suitable for all weather seasons as they can heat and cool. They are also equipped with insulators such as rubber and plastics to reduce heat loss and noise leakage. These insulating materials also save on operational costs that would have otherwise been incurred due to heat loss.

The warranty policy for American Standard air conditioners is a 10/12/10, which means that the main components of the conditioner have different warranties. American Standard offers a ten-year warranty for outdoor coils, a twelve-year warranty for the compressor, and a ten-year warranty for the other internal parts. At Pure Eco Inc., we pride ourselves in providing American Standard conditioners with the following features:

  • Low purchase and maintenance costs
  • High efficiency
  • Quiet operations
  • Compatible parts
  • Sleek design

The American Standard HVAC Systems include furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and heat pumps as discussed below.

American Standard Furnaces

A furnace is a type of HVAC system that provides heat in your home through combustion. This means that the system generates heat by burning fuel. The fuel may either be gas or oil, and the heat generated is spread throughout your home. American Standard furnaces come in three different tiers. These tiers are The Platinum Series, the Gold Series, and the Silver furnaces.

The Platinum Series are high end while the Gold Series is a midrange unit. Each series comes with different features, and each has a different kind of performance. However, all the series must have the standard furnace features that make them efficient and reliable. The only difference between them is the convenience features and the warranty deals. It is, however, essential to maintain furnaces to save on fuel costs and to improve efficiency.

Below is an overview of the different tiers of American Standard Furnaces:

  1. The Platinum Series

The platinum series is the most efficient, but it comes at an extra cost. In addition to air filtration, the platinum series also offers the comfort feature, which allows clients to control humidity. The top line of this series has a user interface called the AccuLink that enables users to interact with it and to control the programs remotely. American Standard uses sophisticated systems to monitor the surrounding environment of this furnace to transfer heat more effectively. Its parts come with a ten-year warranty while the heat exchangers come with a lifetime warranty.

  1. The Gold Series

The American Standard Gold series furnace contains four models that have a range of between eighty to Ninety-five AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency). Each model has a different function and contributes to the overall performance of the furnace. Gold Series Furnaces are created with a secondary steel exchanger that harnesses a certain amount of energy. In addition, they are manufactured in a way that allows only the input of outside air, hence creating a new indoor environment. This series has a five-year warranty on the parts and a lifetime warranty on all heat exchangers.

  1. The Silver Series

The silver series is the cheapest of the American Standard Furnaces. It prides itself on being able to offer efficiency and comfort while saving on cost. This category of furnaces has six different models, each manufactured differently and offering various features. The heat exchangers of this model have aluminum to prevent rusting and corrosion. At Pure Eco INC., we provide American Standard silver series that are manufactured with caution and preciseness. The several speed blowers and vents found in this series are useful when it comes to passing air through the furnace. The warranty for this model is a five-year warranty on the parts and a twenty-year warranty on the heat exchangers.

American Standard Boilers

At Pure Eco Inc., we offer three different types of American Standard boilers. Two of them are gas-fired, while one is oil-fired. They all require maintenance to operate efficiently. They come with a warranty of five years for the parts and a lifetime warranty for the heat exchangers.

The following are examples of our boilers:

  1. XB80

XB80 boiler is gas-fired and has a maximum AFUE of eighty-three. Though there are different types of this model, all of them have the same features, and the only distinct one is the operating power. Some XB80 models operate at full speed while some come with sophisticated machines that vary the rate of performance, depending on the weather. These models have air filters for purifying the air and a comfort feature that dehumidifies the air to control humidity. Our boilers are insulated to prevent heat loss and noise leakage to provide you with comfort.

  1. XR80

The features of the XR80 model are mostly similar to those of the XB80 boiler. The only distinct features are the hardened materials used to create the XR80 boiler, and the fan technology used to regulate the heat. XR80 boilers use three different pillars made from aluminum to heat the water. The aluminum is crimped to widen the surface area, hence boiling water at a faster rate.

  1. XR85

This is the only different model of the American Standard Boilers. It is oil-fired and is more efficient than the other two boilers. It saves a lot of energy because it has three cast-iron heat exchangers. The government has awarded it the energy star as recognition of its efficiency. The AFUE of this model is relatively higher, giving it a competitive edge in the market. The insulation of this model is more efficient and decreases the amount of noise that is produced while heating the water. Additionally, the insulator keeps the burner heated at all times.

American Standard Water Heaters

American Standard water heaters vary in size and design. They can hold up to between thirty to fifty gallons of water for the standard heater regardless of the shapes, and design. The water heaters have various systems put in place to reduce the possibility of uncontrolled fires. They are equipped with vapor shields to keep away flammable vapor from the igniters, hence minimizing the chances of fires. The conservation of heat is made possible by the traps installed in the system, which captures excess heat that is radiated from the water, and in turn, returns it to the system.

American Standard water tanks are made from heavy steel and lined with dura glass on the inside to ensure that the tank is durable and that the water does not come into contact with the steel to lower the chances of corrosion taking place. If you are looking for a hygienic water heater, then Pure Eco Inc. has you sorted. Our water heaters have self-cleaning mechanisms put in place that wash away any sediment.

American Standard water heaters can be categorized into two: either by kind of power they run on or by the size of the tank itself. The heaters run on gas power or electricity depending on the type and features of the tanks. Both models carry out the same function regardless of some distinct features between them. The difference in the elements comes in as a protection mechanism, especially for electricity-powered heaters. They have to be created in a way that guarantees the protection of the electric system since it is sensitive and may pose a danger to users.

The other category of heaters is the moderate size and large water heaters. Average heaters only have the standard water heater features that allow the HVAC system to carry out its functions. However, large water heaters are manufactured differently to cater to the size. They have a volume capacity of Seventy-five to one hundred gallons. If your home or office consumes a lot of heated water, then Pure Eco Inc. has got you covered. Our heaters come with valves that seal the water and are insulated with foam to limit heat loss. They also have more anode rods compared to the small ones to reduce corrosion and ensure the safety of the water. The Standard warranty for American Standard water heaters is six years, but may sometimes vary depending on the dealer.

American Standard Heat Pumps

  1. Heat pumps generate heat into your home by using electricity or refrigerants. Unlike furnaces, the pumps do not produce their heat through combustion, but rather work like air conditioners but in reverse. They pump warm air into the house when it is cold and do the opposite during hot weather.

American Standard manufacturers have six different types of heat pumps. The pumps have three categories, which are distinguished by the various features they hold. The Categories are platinum, gold, and silver. These categories perform differently and have different efficiency levels. Pumps evaluation systems are called SEERs. SEER is short for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, and the higher it is, the more efficient the pump system. Below are the categories of our pumps explained in their ascending order of performance:

  • Silver Series

American Standard has two heat pumps with SEERs of thirteen and fourteen. They use aluminum fibers that are bundled together to increase the surface area of the pump and increase efficiency. This category of pumps comes with many features that protect them. The features include a steel panel to protect the sides and rust-resistant screws to protect the joints from rust. The warranty for this series is a five-year warranty on the parts and coil and a ten-year warranty for the compressors.

  • Gold Series

These categories of pumps are known to be more efficient than the silver ones. They have SEERs of about fifteen and are better when it comes to the provision of energy. Although they are more expensive than silver series pumps, they offer enough comfort. They also have filtration systems to filter off dust particles that are coming into your home. The series can provide 99.98% of clean air to you and your loved ones. The series has a ten-year warranty for the parts, compressors and the coil.

  • Platinum Series

The platinum series model is the most expensive heat pump of the American Standard. It has a SEER of sixteen to twenty, therefore, making it the most reliable heat pump. The pumps have a comfort modulation unit that increases the quality of air in your home. The top line of this model contains an AccuLink control unit that acts as an interface between the pump and the user. This interface unit allows users to control and interact with the pump. Also, they have a charging port that allows energy to be preserved for later use. The warranty for these pumps is a ten-year warranty for the coil and parts and a twelve-year warranty for the compressors.

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HVAC Systems have become a basic need for every home and household. We at Pure Eco Inc. are well equipped with the professional expertise to provide the comfort you need through the installation of efficient HVAC systems. We offer great deals on all of our American Standard HVAC systems and ensure that you get value for your money. We have an extensive collection of the HVAC systems, ranging from air conditioners, air handlers, heat pumps, and boilers.

If you need a quality HVAC system or an upgrade of your already existing one, then look no further. You can call us today at 877-778-2551 if you are in the Los Angeles area.

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