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Michael Coelho

I graduated from Neff High School here in La Mirada, Ca. I started in the building trades as a Union Lather from there a Union Carpenter where it was required have three (3) years the trade school before turning out as a journeyman carpenter.

Because of the many years and multiple trade skills I bring a wide range of knowledge to all construction projects. I have hands on skills as well as management such as scheduling, working with building inspectors, architects, and knowing the correct order in which to proficiently complete your project. I managed Residential, Commercial, and Industrial projects throughout my extensive carrier. Starting my carrier as an apprentice lather/carpenter then journeyman then foreman through union industry taught me discipline, safety, and teamwork with other trades. After 20+ years I decided to get my contractor license to better myself and use what I have learned and to learn more about the industry as an owner.

We offer a one-stop shop of all your insulation, attic and crawl space needs. We are experts when it comes to professional attic insulation and other related services such as insulation installation, insulation removal, attic cleaning and sanitation, air duct cleaning, duct replacement, rodent proofing, and crawl space insulation. We commit ourselves to improving the lives of our clients. This is achieved through adjusting and balancing the indoor atmosphere of their home while reducing their energy bills and saving energy. Give us a call and allow us to work to cater to your needs.

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