Ceiling Insulation

Are there big watermarks on your ceiling even though you’ve had your roof repaired recently and you know is in good condition, meaning that rainwater has not found its way in? Or, you have your heating devices constantly turned on during the winter and still not able to attain or maintain a stable temperature within your home/business property? If you have experienced any of these, one potential reason could be lack of proper ceiling insulation.

It is well known that hot air is lighter and tends to travel up. This means that if there is no barrier to prevent it from leaking out, you will end up with a cold room and high energy bills to take care of. As such, instead of your ceiling trapping the warm air inside, it will simply allow it to escape outside through cracks and gaps that may have developed on your ceiling over time. Proper ceiling insulation can take care of this problem.

Whether you need to add a barrier between the attic and the rest of the house or are looking to add additional insulation and soundproofing between levels, ceiling insulation is an excellent choice. And although it may not be a ‘visible’ improvement, getting a Los Angeles ceiling insulation contractor to seal air leaks and install new insulation is a functional home improvement that will ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling equipment and also help you and your family/employees stay comfortable year round. The Insulation Company team can install cellulose, fiberglass, or soundproofing insulation in the ceilings of your home.

We can help determine if your property has adequate insulation and if there’s need for new insulation, we will work with you to determine the right solutions to help your comfort and energy efficiency. So, whether you’re remodeling or constructing a new building, The Insulation Company can install ceiling insulation to help prevent frozen pipes, drafty homes, and icicles from occurring. No matter what era your home or commercial property was built, we customize our insulation services are customized to fit any architectural structure; new or old.

The Insulation Company can handle your ceiling insulation job from beginning to end. You can get a quick quote over the phone and once we arrive on-site, we can take all the necessary measurements and give you a more detailed quote. We do not charge for estimates and they are also no-obligation. Call us today at 310-301-1818 and we can discuss your ceiling insulation plans and schedule your project at a time convenient to you.

Why Insulate Your Ceiling?

There are many good reasons why people choose to insulate and re-insulate their ceilings. But here are the three most common benefits:

  • Save on Energy Costs

If you have overlooked your insulation or the need to replace your old insulation, you’re probably paying 40% or more on your heating and cooling costs. When you heat up a room in the winter, the heated air will rise and escape through the ceiling into the attic and beyond. The heat loss created a vacuum for cold air to descend into your living. As a result, your heating system will have to work overtime to meet the heating needs. A reverse process occurs when you turn on your cooling system in the summer. If you don’t have adequate ceiling insulation, up to 40% of your heating and cooling costs will go out of your roof.

Conversely, effective insulation can improve your home’s energy efficient and reduce your electricity bills substantially. According to the U.S Department of Energy, 40% to 50% of energy consumption in a typical property goes to heating and cooling needs. Sealing the air out in the summer and winter can help improve the efficiency of your systems and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the house. Insulating your ceiling won’t strain your wallet. In fact, consider it as an investment that will provide immeasurable returns. And with the high cost of energy in California these days, air sealing and insulation will continually pay you back.

  • Comfort

After your ceiling has been insulated, you are guaranteed to notice the biggest change in your property’s comfort during the summer and winter. During the summer, the ceiling could get substantially hot and could make you feel like you’re standing in the direct sunlight. Insulation reduces the workload on your air conditioner and improves comfort by slowing down the hear coming in.

You will also notice some difference in the winter as the insulation slows down the transfer of cold air into your home. By insulating your ceiling and other areas of your home, you will have reduced the number of cycles your furnace makes to keep the home comfortable. This will also increase the lifespan of your systems by 10 to 20 years.  

  • Eliminate Moisture Problems

Since your ceiling is located directly under the roof, it is under the direct influence of weather conditions, including snow, rain, and all the water that can build up. Moisture problems in the ceiling are often as a result of the accumulation of condensation. But if your roof is indeed leaking, it should be repaired first before insulation is added to your ceiling.

Insulated ceiling assemblies typically require the backing of a vapor barrier that allows all the excess moisture to escape out, preventing condensation and protecting your house or commercial property from mold and mildew. When ceilings are poorly insulated, they create ideal conditions for the growth of harmful mold, which can have adverse effects on the structure of your property and your family’s health. The Insulation Company can help determine if vapor barriers will be effective when used in your ceiling.

Insulation Options

At The Insulation Company, we can install batts or blown insulation in your ceiling using the best installation methods. Both loose-fill and blanket insulation are very effective and can go a long way. The choice will depend on your preference as well as the accessibility of the ceiling space. For instance, if there's enough space to walk around, batts or rolls can be an ideal option since they are simply used to cover the ceiling joists rolled over them. The material comes compressed into plastic packages to allow for easy transportation, but it expands when unpackaged. We also handle it with care to avoid further compression that would cause the loss of productivity.

Batts insulation will fit between the spaced rafters in your ceiling. It is generally cheaper and easier to install than loose-fill insulation, but it may not be as effective in filling in spaces compactly. But batts is more than adequate for many situations if it is rightly installed. Typically, batts come in foil or paper backed rolls in widths that that match spaces between the joists.

On the other hand, if there is no safe ground to step on or your ceiling space is hard to access, it is better to use blown in insulation. We at The Insulation Company can blow it in using an insulation truck, hose, and blower. Loose-fill insulation fills in spaces more compactly and very effectively than batts. It can fill between rafters in the inside of ceilings. At The Insulation Company, we know the details on how properly install batts and blown insulation in your ceiling for optimal energy efficiency and comfort.

Common Types of Materials Used for Ceiling Insulation

There are many forms of insulation materials well suited for ceiling insulation. While they have different features, they all share one feature; excellent insulation capacity. Insulation products are rated in terms of their thermal resistance, that is, the R-value. The higher the R-value the better an insulator a product is. Here are the most commonly used ceiling insulation materials:

  • Fiberglass

This is the least expensive, most popular option and is normally adequate. Extra care is needed when handling the fibers because they can cause irritation to the skin and lungs if inhaled. But it is perfectly safe once installed. Fiberglass is made of recycled content consisting of thin glass fibers. The material is able to effectively prevent any heat loss since the fibers are bound to millions of glass trap air particles. Features of fiberglass include fire-resistance, water-resistant, soundproof, mold-resistant, and environmentally-friendly. It comes in either loose-fill or batts.

  • Cellulose

Cellulose is made of shredded papers and newsprints, wood, or paperboard stock. It is treated with chemicals to make it insect, mildew, and fire-resistant, is environmentally-friendly, and is sensitive to moisture and thus should be kept dry. This type of insulation packs tight, limiting the amount of oxygen within the material. Although cellulose costs a little more than fiberglass, it does not have the itchy quality of fiberglass. Also, it generally has a higher R-Value than fiberglass but a little less effective when it comes to addressing exposure to moisture.

  • Cotton

Cotton insulation is made up of 90 to 100% recycled blue jeans, has a relatively high R-Value, but is more expensive than most other materials. It is very easy to install and very effective at blocking air and sound. Also, it is resistant to microorganisms and contains boron, which is a fire retardant.

Selecting Materials Based on Their R-Value

The R-Value of a ceiling or of an insulating product is a measurement of the resistance of the material of the material’s resistance to heat-conduction through it. The lowest R-Value is 19, but you can get materials with R-Values exceeding 50. Typically, the higher the R-Value of your ceiling insulation, the harder it is for warm air to move in and out of your home through the product. The R-value depends on the material and proper insulation techniques.

The following are R-Values recommended by The Department of Energy:

  • R-30 for warm climates
  • R-38 for temperate climates
  • R-49 for cold climates

We at The Insulation Company can explain to you the how R-Values differ from one insulation type and brans to another. We can also help you make an informed decision based on climate and other factors. The insulation products we use gives you great R-Values for the prices and are able to maintain their effectiveness for longer than most other brands. If your ceiling insulation has a low R-Value or has deteriorated over the years, we can install new or add more to the existing insulation.

The Insulation Follows Optimal Installation Procedures

Choosing your insulation material for your ceiling is vital, but having it installed in a way that gets the most out of it is also crucial. At The Insulation Company, we know how to quickly, safely and effectively install all forms of batts and blown insulation in and all Los Angeles ceilings. We stand ready to provide you with the ideal combination of noise reduction, air tightness, moisture management, and thermal performance properties for a fully comfortable home. We have a long track record of delivering top-notch satisfaction and 100% satisfaction to home and business owners in Southern California.

Some of the practices we follow to ensure an optimum insulation job include:

  • We always check for air leaks and seal them before installing your ceiling insulation
  • We cover over ceiling joists to minimize thermal bridging through the joists and to up R-value
  • We make sure that blown insulation is compact and at an even and sufficient depth across the ceiling
  • We also ensure that batts fill in spaces as much as possible
  • When doubling up, we only lay heavier batts under lighter ones so as to prevent compression of the lower batts
  • We keep the joists insulation over or between joists and blower hose parallel to the to ensure a more compact fill
  • We take extra care when cutting batts to size and fitting them into non-standard inter-joist space since compressing them would lower the R-Value

The Importance of Air Sealing for Your Ceiling Insulation

Air leakage in Los Angeles homes is an all-too-prevalent issue. Holes, cracks, and gaps in a building’s envelope let air flow readily in and out. The moving air takes moisture, heat, and pollution along with it. As a result, your heating and cooling systems work harder than they ought to and this means that you’re sacrificing your comfort as expensive cooled or heated air is pumped outside.

The Insulation Company can seal air leaks in your ceilings before installing your new insulation. We use drywall, plywood, or another suitable material to cover over major holes, and caulks or sealants to seal smaller crack and crevices. And with this, we can stop the flow of heated air through your ceilings and roof. This will also mean giving attention to areas such as your chimneys and attics, windows, light fixtures, vents and fans, and pipes and ducts. Sealing air leaks in these areas prevents dust, moisture, insects, and allergens from getting into the ductwork.

When your home is properly air sealed and insulated, you will experience more consistent indoor temperatures, a reduced chance of moisture issues, and improved indoor quality. You’ll be paying less for a more comfortable living environment and extending the lifespan of your air conditioning equipment. A comprehensive inspection is critical in locating holes and cracks and determining how much air leakage exists in your home. At The Insulation Company, we know our business well and will provide you with high-quality services that will exceed your expectation.

Save Money with Incentives and Rebates

At The Insulation Company, we’re familiar with numerous government-sponsored incentive and rebate programs that may apply to your energy-efficiency upgrade. As a way reducing the collective carbon footprint, California invests in individuals who upgrade their ceilings to become more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

We can help improve your energy efficiency and lower your heating and cooling bills, saving you money upfront and month to month. When you get in touch with us, we will assess your project, give you an estimate and schedule your project start date as soon as possible.

Hiring a Los Angeles Ceiling Insulation Company Near Me

At The Insulation Company, we take pride in being able to deliver quality work and excellent customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can expect personalized service and attention to detail when we install your ceiling insulation.  And our dedication to quality ensures that you choose a product that’s durable and reliable. We are 100% bonded, insured, and licensed and back our workmanship with a valuable warranty. We always put safety first and true workmanship into every project. Call us today at 310-301-1818 for a free consultation and/or no-obligation quote. 


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